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World Racing Syndicate bet service REVIEW

£2,850 Profit Banked In 2 Months Using £10 Staking!
46 Winners In 11 Days.
£260 from a £10 WIN Stake.
£170 From a £10 Each Way Stake.

WHAT IS World Racing Syndicate horse racing bet service?/

Are you looking to capitalize on top quality racing information from around the world?
If so the World Racing Syndicate is your key to consistent profits.
They look at all racing world wide from the US and Chile to Australia and New Zealnd and everywhere in between.


It is build as network of quality tipsters and contacts around the globe who provide racing tips on a daily basis.
Each day the number of tips will vary depending on what races are going on and what tips they sent from their contacts.
Some days you could be backing 5 tips across all the racing, other days you could be backing 15 horses.

WHO IS BEHIND World Racing Syndicate horse race service?

Michael Finn


Join Today For Only £49 for the next 90 days.

World Racing Syndicate bet service REVIEW: CONCLUSION

So to £10 bets that’s mean you’re either placing a £10 win bet or a £10 each way bet (£20 total) on each selection.
You can bet at any stake you want, but use a 100pt starting bank.
All tips are sent to you via email.


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