The Money Maker Method

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The Money Maker Method REVIEW

It Allows Your To Make Daily Profits Using The Betfair Exchange.
Besides, it will show you how to profit every day.

WHAT IS The Money Maker Betting Method?

They profit by placing bets on the Horse Racing using the Betfair Exchange.
Their goal is to make at least 10% of their stake per bet.
So if they place a £50 bet on a horse they are looking at cashing out at £5.00 profit.


Profit every day. Profits are small, but they will build up over time.
It doesn’t even matter which horse wins the race.

WHO IS BEHIND The Money Maker service?

Phil: “We cash out, before the race has even taken place. Profit banked. What happens in the race doesn’t matter.
To do this we need one of two things, to identify a market mover or to have some inside information, like what a tipster is going to tip before the tips go out. My method uses both angles.”

How Many Bets Will There Be Each Day?

Each day is unique with the opportunities on offer. Expect between 1-5 bets per day.
Some days will have no bets.


£97 for a full years membership.

How Much Do You Need To Start With??

They advise a ratio of £250 for every £10 you want to stake on the bets.
£20 bets would mean a £500 starting bank and so on.

The Money Maker Method REVIEW: CONCLUSION

This method ONLY works with the Betfair Exchange.
They use the CASH OUT feature. So make sure you have access.
Ready To Start Making Profit Every Day?



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