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Play The Odds

Play The Odds service REVIEW It is about how to make a guaranteed £50-£100 profit a day using Betfair’s Exchange Games. The Betfair Exchange games are games that are played…

Early Odds – Late Info Service

Late Info Service REVIEW CASH IN £700+ PER MONTH FOLLOWING this EARLY ODDS SELECTIONS WHAT IS Late Info betting Service? Late info bets that have won over 70% of the…

Numerology Betting

Numerology Betting service REVIEW It’s true, numerology is why they have made well over £700,000 in gambling earnings each of the past five years. Finding numerical relationships in the world…

Lucky 7s

Lucky 7s betting service REVIEW Turn a £7 Stake Into £13,377 PROFIT In A Single Day! Now it’s YOUR turn to benefit! WHAT IS Lucky 7s horse race bet service?…

Festival Gold

Festival Gold horse racing betting service REVIEW OVER THE LAST 4 YEARS THEY’VE MADE A PROFIT OF £4,327.40 TO £20 BETS. Now it’s YOUR turn to benefit! GET EVERY RACE…

Winning Momentum

Winning Momentum betting service REVIEW It is an easy-to-start method that does NOT require you to fork out an arm and a leg for expensive data tools. It is a…

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So, carefully read our reviews to find out what chances you have in a particular sport from tennis to football and much more. Read the reviews and ratings to discover the best horse racing and football tipsters on the net.


SmartBets24 is a great website! I tried severel betting tips and won! Thanks
William Jones
I tried horse racing tipsters! Thanks for a great reviews.
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If you are just starting out with online betting, make sure you grab yourself some of the best betting strategy.

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Smartbets24 - From Beginner’s Guide To Online Sports Betting

Before you get acquainted with our review of the latest bettings guides someone definitely need to know some points of the Beginner's Guide to online sports betting. Sports betting online can turn into one of the most profitable hobbies. But the number of players who really succeeded is small. Here are the main things in this guide, and hopefully it will help players achieve long-term profit. Making mistakes is not so dramatic if you learn from them.

The Importance of Odds

The whole betting business is built on the odds. If there is a big favorite to win a match, the odds are obviously going to be lower. What the new players are struggling to notice is the value. Sometimes bookmakers tend to underestimate certain teams and offer higher chances for specific results. Bookmakers use several algorithms to create odds. There are many tutorials on how to calculate the likelihood of a result online. The vast majority of them are free, and we recommend a little research. Another important thing for online sports betting is to compare the odds and have accounts with several bookmakers.

Selection of Bets & Stakes

Although potential winnings are super-profitable, we strongly recommend that you stay away from them. Find the niche you know best, stick to the strategy and always control your bankroll. When it comes to sports betting, one of the funniest parts is finding the right bets and making money on them. The pursuit of jackpots and high returns rarely gives a good result in the long run. There will be a lot of good and bad bands, so it’s important not to be self-confident after, say, five consecutive winners. Putting half of your bankroll in 6th place is a newbie’s mistake.

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