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Irish Tom betting service REVIEW

Let they show you how to win 35% of your bets and make over £1,000 profit in under 2 weeks.
Besides, 14 Winners So Far In August, Profit Of £1,056.06 All From The Pro Irish Tipster.

WHAT IS horses betting service?

The secret to winning on the horses isn’t really a secret despite what people will try and tell you.
There’s no magic bullet, no perfect system, insider information is often crap talked in a pub.


The UK has 58 race course, Ireland has 26 and some of them are only raced a couple of times per year.
No tipster is going to profit every day. End of.

WHO IS BEHIND Irish Tom betting service?

Tom Delaney or Irish Tom: “I’m a professional tipster and have been for some years now… The main weapon I use to profit is Experience.”


90 Days Access – Only £60.00

WHO WOULD Irish Tom betting service SUIT?

All You Have To Do To Profit Is Follow Their Daily Advice.
This gives you time to start with small stakes or even watch the selections to see how they do before you put your own cash down on them. It also gives you time to increase your stakes if you do start small.

It works out at just £20 per month.

Irish Tom betting service REVIEW: CONCLUSION

I send my information on the day of the racing, at least 1 hour before the first tipped race.
Just place the same stake on every selection to win.
Irish Tom: “I will send between 1 and 4 bets per day and run a level stake service.
I recommend using a 50pt starting bank and you can use any bookie or exchange you like. All major bookies take bets on all Irish race courses.”


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