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Dutch Master – Double digits approach will leave your account with regular returns.


The Dutch Master tipster predictions take into account many factors and briefly outlines how the race is likely to unfold, including which horse, in their view, potential represents the best bet in the race

As you can see sometimes we win and profit from both selection in the race, sometimes just from one of them and sometimes from neither.


Here are autor’s results for Julys betting:

4th July 2019 – Returns Of £498.00 from 3 bets
5th July 2019 – Returns Of £656 from 4 bets
6th July 2016 – Returns Of £658.00 from 2 bets
8th July 2019 – Returns Of £766 from 2 bets
9th July 2019 – Returns Of £941.00 from 4 bets
and that what the beginning…

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How do I get your advice?
Advice is emailed to you to the address you submit after signing up to the trial.

What bookie do I need to use?
Any UK bookie that lets you back UK horse racing will work. Any bookie will work fine and if you have multiple accounts you can look for the best price for each selection.

How do I get started?
Simply click below to start your 6 week trial today!

£5,388 profit in just 25 days betting with £10 each way stakes!!

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